Photo Prompt #2 12.8.12

What intrigues me most about reading is the way the title sometimes, not always, but sometimes, sneaks into the fiber of the paper on which the words lay in the book. water fountain It is the same way with music lyrics—for me anyway.  L.L. Barkat’s book Rumors of Water is one such title.

The author is at a picnic conversing with someone about her difficulties with writing and the elusiveness of creativity all while Barkat’s young daughter is hovering and eavesdropping.  Once you read this book you will see that the daughter is just trying to soak up the knowledge her author mother has to give as evidenced in how Barkat fosters writing in the lives of her daughters’ daily routines.  Nevertheless, Barkat sends her daughter on an errand for a cup of water in hopes of continuing the conversation in private. Her daughter returns quicker than expected without water but the simple declaration that, “there are rumors of water”.

How delightful is that? Barkat is having difficulty writing and with her creativity and things blocking her way and what is the result?  A simply fabulous book for writers seeping with sage signals directing the path to ink filled pages.  All from the inspirational precocious statement from a child chiding her mom for leaving her out of the angst writers face.

So, today’s prompt?  What comes first for you as a writer?   The story or the title?  Has a title ever dropped in your lap in such a delightful way as Barkat’s?  Whatever your response, read Rumors of Water; you deserve the treat!