Photo Prompt # 7 12.18.12

3rd life Third Life of Grange Copeland to     Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of ManP8900732-Seven_Ages_of_Man-SPL

What stage of life are you in now and is it better or worse than other stages? Why or why not?


Photo Prompt #1

“Life is really simple, but we make it complicated.”  ConfuciusPhoto prompt 1

Simplicity for me did not arrive until my 50th year.  It was delivered by a box in my head.  It was only me that stood in my way.  I created the obstacles and mountains that had to be traversed and I even loaded the backpack that I hauled on the trek.  Not only that but I procrastinated as well.  I thought I could push things aside, ignore them as if they had no connection to me, and blunder on through life.  Oh woe was me to discover I was only existing and not living.   I was on a treadmill to nowhere and losing ground as well.

There was no midlife crisis to shift my existing to living.  I finally dealt with those things pushed aside, focused intently on the issue that was the essence of me, and was finally able to live and not just exist.  The box in my head where these things resided lost its lid.  They were neatly and tightly packed away for forty-three years.  With the box now open, I shared the contents, inventoried the things, and dissected the connections to me.  And at every dealing there was such simplicity and clarity that I was both amazed and dismayed at the results; amazed that it could be so simple and clear to understand and correct, and dismayed at the loss of time I forfeited.

A box and a lid; how simple.