So I am GRITS867 and all that means is that I am a girl that was raised in the south.  The 867 has a geographical meaning to the setting of the novel I am currently working.  I started blogging to make myself accountable on a daily basis to my craft and desire to really put myself and writing first.  I have a wonderful family consisting of a full grown son, his wife and their four children better known as my granddivas and granddukes.  They spoil me with their love and I am blessed to have their devotion and kindness in my life.  I am so proud of my son and his wife.  They are handling parenthood so much better than their own parents did lol.  Perhaps, in spite of, yes?

This blog, while public to the universe, is private to all other members of my blood relatives.  They just don’t get it; the need to write, to create, to meld meaningful words and characters and conflict and resolution in a place and time created mindfully.  They also don’t get the working timeline us creative souls keep.

As the fourth of five children one has to do something to get attention; I picked humor.  So let me continue that as my online nom de plume: Writer In Training Thank You aka WITTY.  My day job was as a high school English teacher and let me just clear up the grammar issue right now—I aint know much.  I am more the let’s read, write, and analyze literature and let’s not just stick with the dead white guys.  One of the saddest moments of my literary life was discovering I was a Florida high school graduate and had never heard of Zora Neale Hurston!  What a damn shame.  Not sure I am over it yet.

In 1990 I attended the National Writing Project at Florida State University and spent the most glorious five weeks immersed in reading about writing, writing about writing, learning about writing from other teachers and writers, and yes absolutely writing, writing, writing myself.  Experiencing a true writer’s workshop with continuity, connectivity, and reliable peer writers spoiled me forever and changed my life at the cellular level.  I have since spent time as a Co-Director of the National Writing Project at Florida Gulf Coast University during its inaugural three years.

I still sometimes forget to put me first in life and write daily so a writer friend suggested StoryADay.org and I highly recommend it for other wannabe writers.  I also recommend National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.org) if you want a hectic November.  A third more manageable option is inkygirl.com and her 250, 500, 1000 Word A Day Challenge.

I have found that my writing is stilted by a life unlived so I will be living more and opening my eyes wider to take it all in technicolor HD style!   I believe in honest criticism so if I have written it and you have read it and have suggestions for deletions, additions, revisions, scrapping and starting over please feel free to leave them.  I can’t improve without fresh eyes so thank you in advance!

So you know a little about me and if you like what I write please feel free to stalk me.   I welcome your feedback in true writer workshop fashion.  You may rip, shred, suggest, compliment, tweak, etc any part or whole to which you are drawn.  Grammar is my Achille’s heal and I readily admit to that horrendous flaw.  Typos are hereby attributed to arthritic fingers 🙂


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