Breaking Confusion 6.17.13

So you want a break?875cbf89f3c467e7884bdf4d8b63e268
You got it!
What is it that you want a break from?
From me?
From us?
From this?
From that?
For now?
For a little time?
Danger ahead since as
That decision may not stay yours!

So you are confused?
So am I!
What confuses you?
Cold feet I doubt.
Colder heart I fear.
What don’t you get that you surely deserve?
What more needs to be done to make you feel whole?

Without letting me in,
The conversation goes solo.
The blame belongs to you,
For ruining what was there.
What you can’t voice to me,
Can you hear from yourself?
Are you getting any answers,
Or just making excuses?

I am free to move on?
How kind of you!
Going on means leaving behind
Me that I was with you
Us that I was working for
This so new and so carefree
That which will never be.

I hope you realize
Nothing can be the same again.
Where we go from here
Two bruised hearts,
Never will have what we had before.

I know I deserve better.
I gave you my best.
No longer can I wait.
For what you cannot say,
For what I already suffer,
The pain is just too great.

Living life shouldn’t feel so wrong.
Nothing I do is ever enough.
You have no clue what you want or don’t,
And leaving me in such flux;
I’m just not her.
When you come get your stuff,
From the home we would have shared,
In place of the spaces,
Relinquish my heart’s pieces.

Forcing your hand,
With the words that I write,
Is not what I want,
It’s your passive demand.
I refuse to live as an option.
I deserve to be a choice.
So if you won’t man up,
I’ll no longer hesitate.

I have things to do.
With or without you.
My life must go on.
If you come to decide you want me,
Good luck catching up,
Try convincing me the same.
You’ll have to work much harder,
Should a second chance be yours.


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