2013 2014 2015

Not the least bit sad to see 2013 leave.  Very few victories this year.  Extensive failures and obstacles that I am just too tired and old to deal with, climb over, take apart, etc.  The nuclear family is solid in areas that count but on a learning curve in others.  The sibling and parental rings have splinters and holes leaking connectivity to no one’s desire to fix.  Work is what it is.  Slammed for the first time in over twenty years in a very unfair way but it is what it is.  Tried the relationship thing again only to find myself alone half way through the year because he wanted a break.  He wasn’t ready and I have returned to my solo life.  Gonna stay there where I know what is what and what is not.  Working through a few books for more clarity.  May or may not blog about them.  Started an art journaling group with the Ladies of the Church of She.  Really like the way mixed media unfolds and want to venture out more in my own journaling.  As for health and wealth–all works in progress.  Sleep issues might be on the way to being fixed but hate to tempt fate and say all is good there yet.  Chronic pain will just remain an issue and therein lies the crux of the problem for other goals.  Often I wonder what they hell I did in a past life to deserve this one?  Made the same resolution I make every year–to put me first and do my thing.  Was more successful with that last year but tripped myself up in the end.  It is a worthwhile goal so here I come again!  Good luck with you and yours in 2014!

HIATUS over!  Bring on 2015

So begins the overhaul. . .