Lights of Rosendale

“Brian, I know we said we’d never mention it again but it’s happening again.  Or maybe it’s not happening again. Maybe it’s always been happening and I’m just noticing again!  Who knows.  Okay, okay I’ll talk around it.

Since you moved back they show up just like before, you know like when we were eleven and camping that first time we saw them?  I still remember how freaked we were but man we were eleven when we made that promise; we’re thirty-one now and it’s happening and we can do something this time.  We can’t just ignore it, we’re grownups; not as powerless as we were before.

You don’t know this but after you moved and old man Snyder closed that mine, two weird things happened.  The entrance was covered with a blast door and armed guards were posted.  I was trying to sneak in one last time to get some detonators but couldn’t get near the place.  Not only the door but those military goons knew I was coming before they should have.  Tell me how that’s possible?  If that mine was so obsolete, then why the need for guards?   Armed guards—not worthless rent a cops-but armed – meticulous about security – military style guards.  And not only that, but nothing coming nothing going; nothing in our out of the place, so why bother?  I know man, I recon’d the place for days trying to figure a way in.  The only thing that changed were the guards.  Another thing, no one that worked there before ever talks about the place; won’t say nothing, just shake their head and move on as if they forgot they had someplace to be and were late.  Mad Hatter syndrome.  I mean, come on, a limestone mine!  An obsolete one at that?

Regardless of everything old man Snyder left inside, from full factory to detonators to ball bearings it was shut down.  Why all the security unless it was somehow connected to those lights.  And don’t give me that lame Hudson Valley lights nonsense.   Our lights were different and you know it.

Friday night let’s get together.  You just moved back and our wives and kids need to meet.  Barbeque at my place, bring the family, leave the kids for the night.  After things settle down your wife can go home and unpack or relax and you and I will sneak off to the top of the big hill with a six pack and warm the tailgate and watch for them lights.  You know you’re dying to know what they are and where they are really coming from so don’t bother telling me no.  See ya Friday at 6.”

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