Christmas Poem 2012

Christmas comes and Christmas goes,

Long and dark winter’s wind blows.

Snow builds up,

fires alight,

all while children’s eyes glow bright.

Traditions to keep

leave little time for sleep,

with presents to buy,

seeing Santa–no time to be shy.

Trees sparkle and shimmer,

packages glisten and glimmer,

children can’t help,

pondering and staring.

Cakes and pies baking,

cookie decorating,

children behaving,

parents’ nerves fraying.

Country ham baking,

sugar glaze basting,

biscuits and cornbread,

On the table hasten.

Children sit still,

appetites fleeting,

toward tree lights and packages,

eyes continually peeking.

Excitement they can’t quell

called Christmas’s magic spell.

Hurry, hurry, hurry up and wait,

children to bed earlier than late.

Sleep eventually wins out,

dreams whisk away

the impatience of the day.

While parents scurry

to wrap in a flurry

stashes hidden before.

Before the sun rises,

cherubs at their door,

pleading for permission,

to let the mayhem begin.


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