Journaling is a passion of mine that fluctuates between traditional and digital. Traditionally I use a quadrille lined composition book, extra fine ink pens or pencils, lots of rubber cement and magazine clipping with splashes of color from color pencils or markers. Why magazine clippings? Because I can’t draw a stick person straight with a ruler.

I long to be an artist and remember vividly a Nordic art teacher trying in vain to teach me how to draw the negative space in order to create the oak tree my brain could see and my imagination could describe to him but my hands failed to produce.

The need to feel the writing utensil and the paper as I struggle to find the word and piecemeal the sentence into paragraphs or stanzas will never leave me. I have journals from as far back as the age of eleven and my how my heart poured forth. I am enjoying revisiting many of them as I venture into the digital realm of electronic journaling.

Blogging is new to me and morphing daily as I see its options and avenues for where I want to go and what I want to do. SoCl allows me to illustrate what I write now and I am thrilled to no end that SoCl was introduced to me. Beyond the minor cyber-kidnapping of my draft from time to time I see myself venturing more and more into this digital realm of writing. The main difference between the two is the ability to hide in my comp books versus the flamboyant out-there-ness of the internet and attaching my name to what I write.

Whatever mode you prefer know there are advantages to both but the most important is that what you have to say gets said!


2 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. I love to journal too, but love the private aspect of it – the not so private life I share on my blog is rarely what I write about in my book… Im not even sure why! What is SoCl?

    1. SoCl is very similar to Pinterest if you are familiar but even more fun. You can create collages and communicate ideas. Look for grits867 on SoCl (pronounced social). You will find lots of things appealing to your eyes and brain! Happy New Year!

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