Why Doesn’t Reside Here

grits867 8 days ago 

Sandy Hook Photo Prompt # 5 12.14.12

unfolds over time.
Branching in eternal directions.
A gunman; his family, lover, friends.
A school; a family extension unto its own.
Educators; dream launchers opening eyes.
Innocent children; lives unfolding naïve,
with parents too young to bury their own.
is reported again and again
until speculations
are facts we take hold.
No solace they bring
as we cling for each word.
Sinking in slow and deep
as only reality can.
December 14, 2012
The question should never be asked.
For the answer will never be known.
Reason doesn’t apply.
Reason here doesn’t reside.
is futile as well.
Precautions brazenly dodged.
Planned ahead and in secrecy too
Cowardice chillingly complicit
has many levels.
Sandy Hook today.
But where before
did this nightmare start
in this gunman’s mind.
will it end?
Today for those too early taken,
ongoing for those peripheral.
For those survivors today
this will never go away.

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