No More Excuses

My techiliscious boyfriend introduced me to Nokia’s Lumia 920 phone.  Now, I am not a shopper.  I don’t venture out to the malls and would starve if Sweet Bay was not on my way home from work.  I am one of the fortunate few that has a Sweet Bay that is never crowded and has the nicest staff ever found in a grocery chain.  But I digress–not a shopper.  It is post Thanksgiving and here I am with a new phone; a smart phone and I didn’t have to go find it among the masses of lunatics with credit card debt to amass.  I called my provider on Tuesday and the phone arrived Friday.  Here we are on Saturday waiting for the Seminoles to swamp tromp the Gators and my renegade man has guided me in setting up the phone with all the necessities including one of the most important—Wordpress!  No more excuses!  Write! Write! Right?!