Paper or Plastic from August 30th

Writing tends to be trouble for me no matter what venue I take to get it done.  I try to keep journals, both electronic and low tech, but to no avail life gets in the way.  I did better this year with low tech by using a simple composition book and illustration it with different graphic/text items I cut out of magazines.  I can’t draw a stick person straight with a rule so art is not my stong suit but I want it to be an illustrated rambling of my writing life.  I also tend to be a pencil/pen snob.  Since my thinking is usually faster than my ability to get it down, I need very fine point–.05 or finer–lead/ink utensils to make things legible for me later.  I have learned to date everything that I do; to go back and read through things when I find I want to write but have no muse in presence; and search for ways to extend my creativity such as  Working through personal tragic events in my past and the literature that it leads me to read has sparked my growth and ability to live as more of an adult.  My writing is stagnant because I was stagnant.  It may never fully grow up but that is okay.  I do it for me.


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